COROSIL: Description
COROSIL is water based rust inhibitor cum converter primer specially formulated for application on poorly prepared rusty metal surface. Iron oxides are quickly converted into stable and insoluble metallo-organic complexes that form a suitable base for the application of paint systems

On all ferrous metal surfaces such as structural steelwork (includes steel for RCC reinforcement), machinery, iron railings, castings, grills, automotive refinishes, rolling shutters, pipelines, sheet metal, hoarding etc. Used as a primer for a variety of finishes to improve performance and protection.

COROSIL: Physical Data




Greenish Brown

  Weight per 10 Lit

12.25 - 12.34 Kgs.


< 2

  Miscible with


  Number Of Coats

One Only

  Covering Capacity

6 M 2 / Kg
(depends on the surface condition)

  Drying Time

Touch Dry: 30 Minutes Max.
Hard Dry: 4 Hours Max.

COROSIL: Surface Preparation
Remove all loose or flaky rust, millscales /scales, deteriorated old paint residues and any other surface contamination by appropriate means viz. Wire brushing, scraping, burning etc. Any oil /grease must be removed using appropriate solvent or by cleaning with detergent.

COROSIL: Application
Temperature range: 5 oC – 40 oC.
Humidity: 95%
COROSIL is supplied in a ready to use form. Brushing is recommended to aid penetration on heavily rusted surfaces. Avoid applying excessive amount of COROSIL leading to runs or pools of unreacted material. Wipe off any excess material with a dry cloth. It is compulsory to clean the surface with fresh water pressure hosing. applied to damp surfaces, but not where pools/running water is evident. Painting should be executed minimum 4 hours after COROSIL application.

COROSIL: Thinning & Brush Cleaning
Thinning is not recommended and COROSIL is to be used as supplied.
Always use soft water for cleaning the brush.

COROSIL: Shelf Life & Storage
Minimum 24 months in original unopened containers.
Shake well and pour suitable quantity of COROSIL into plastic container.
Do not return any surplus to the original container after usage.

COROSIL: Further Information
 COROSIL is not a holding primer and must be coated with a suitable paint system, preferably within 10 days of its application. COROSIL is compatible with most finishing systems- alkyd / chlorinted & acrylated rubber / epoxy’s / vinyls/ urethanes / nitrocellulose and acrylics / water based systems, vinyl acrylics, styrene acrylics, stoing finishes, etc.

The information is compiled on the best available evidences. The user should satisfy themselves as to the application of the information and / or recommendations provided for their use.



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