POLYDOR-WS is a broad spectrum odor neutralizer, which deodorizes a variety of odors by forming complex adducts with the odor causing compounds.

.General Description
POLYDOR – WS is a scientific formulated blend of specialty organic chemicals, natural fragrant plant extracts & designer chemical compounds. POLYDOR –WS does not contain any toxic or poisonous components. It is environmentally safe.

Compounds containing amines, sulphide, aldehydes, mercaptans, ketones and particularly ammonia and hydrogen sulphide gas cause odors which can be beyond the threshold or perceptible limits for the surrounding population. Many substances are broken down by micro-organisms releasing noxious, volatile compounds which evolve nasty smell.

POLYDOR-WS deodorizes these bad odors, reducing odor threshold, making it non-detectable. POLYDOR-WS does not merely mask the bad odor, it actually alters the chemical structure to a non-odoriferous molecules

Advantages of POLYDOR -WS:

  1. Totally Biodegradable
  2. Environment friendly
  3. Non-carcinogenic
  4. Non-flammable
  5. Non-irritating

Area of Application:

POLYDOR-WS has got wide range of uses in:

  1. Air scrubber, Waste water sludge.
  2. Dairy, Cattle farms.
  3. Poultry farms , Fish & vegetable markets, Hospitals, Slaughter houses
  4. Hotel conference halls, Public swimming baths & urinals.
  5. Distilleries, Breweries, Alcohol industry.


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